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22 hours ago NanoCore Trojan is protected in memory from being killed off

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
If you are infected with this malware, you might find it is more difficult to eradicate than standard Trojans.

23 hours ago Fortnite security issue would have granted hackers access to accounts

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Check Point recommends that Fortnite players enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for their accounts.

1 day ago Huawei looks up to Apple in terms of privacy: Founder Ren Zhengfei

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
History will judge whether Huawei adhered to its claims to not harm the interests of customers, its founder has said.

1 day ago Huawei Founder Says Company Would Not Share User Secrets

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

The founder of Huawei said Tuesday his company would refuse to disclose secrets about its customers and their communication networks, trying to lay to rest concerns the Chinese tech giant might spy for the Communist government.

1 day ago Zix to Acquire AppRiver for $275 Million in Cash

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Email security solutions provider Zix on Tuesday announced that it has entered a definitive agreement to acquire AppRiver, a company that specializes in cloud-based cybersecurity and productivity services.

Top News

1 day ago Cyberattacks now cost businesses an average of $1.1M

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
Malware and bots, phishing, and DDoS attacks are some of the top threats companies face, according to Radware.

1 day ago Hard-coded Credentials Found in ID, Access Control Software

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Researchers Say Other Flaws Also Remain UnpatchedResearchers from Tenable Security claim they have found what is essentially a skeleton key for an ID and access control system that could open the doors for anyone, plus other less severe but nonetheless zero-day vulnerabilities.

1 day ago Using dual-mappings to evade automated unpackers

Uninformed View Synopsis+1
Automated unpackers such as Renovo, Saffron, and Pandora's Bochs attempt to dynamically unpack executables by detecting the execution of code from regions of virtual memory that have been written to. While this is an elegant method of detecting dynamic code execution, it is possible to evade these unpackers by dual-mapping physical pages to two distinct virtual address regions where one region is used as an editable mapping and the second region is used as an executable mapping. In this way, the editable mapping is written to during the unpacking process and the executable mapping is used to execute the unpacked code dynamically. This effectively evades automated unpackers which rely on detecting the execution of code from virtual addresses that have been written to.

1 day ago Russians are confident in their cyber-defences, most other countries are less sure

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
In the face of a cyberwar arms race, being pessimistic may be the wisest approach.

1 day ago Farewell 2009, and The Washington Post

SecurityFix Blog View Synopsis+1

This will be the last post for the Security Fix blog. Dec. 31 marks my final day at The Washington Post Company.

Over the last 15 years, I've reported hundreds of stories for and the paper edition. I have authored more than 1,300 blog posts since we launched Security Fix back in March 2005. Dozens of investigative reports that first appeared online later were "reverse published" in the newspaper, including eight front-page stories and a Post Magazine cover.

Through it all, you - the reader - have been my most valuable source, most reliable critic, and most persistent muse. Loyal readers are the reason Security Fix has consistently been among the most-visited blogs on Thank you.

I will continue to remain engaged in this increasingly vital news beat. Please stay in touch for updates in the New Year. I can be reached directly at this e-mail address.

1 day ago Cloud Security Firm Sonrai Emerges From Stealth With $18.5 Million in Funding

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Sonrai, a company that offers data and identity control solutions for cloud environments, on Tuesday emerged from stealth mode with $18.5 million raised in a Series A funding round.

1 day ago Yes, you can remotely hack ... building site cranes. Wait, what?

The Register View Synopsis+1
Authentication is simply AWOL for remote RF construction plant, says Trend Micro

Did you know that the construction industry uses radio-frequency remote controllers to operate cranes, drilling rigs and other heavy machinery? Doesn't matter: they're alarmingly vulnerable to being hacked, according to Trend Micro.…

Latest News

37 minutes ago Airline Booking System Exposed Passenger Details

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Vulnerability Highlights Poor Security Controls for Passenger Name RecordsAirline booking system provider Amadeus - used by 500 airlines - is investigating a software vulnerability that exposed passenger name records, which is the bundle of personal and travel data that gets collected when booking a flight.

1 hour ago Zix acquires AppRiver in $275 million deal

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
It seems like 2019 is the year to purchase cloud security companies.

2 hours ago South Korea says mystery hackers cracked advanced weapons servers

The Register View Synopsis+1
No idea who could have been behind this one...

The South Korea Ministry of National Defense says 10 of its internal PCs have been compromised by North Korea unknown hackers .…

3 hours ago Two Code Execution Flaws Patched in Drupal

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Updates released on Wednesday for Drupal 7, 8.5 and 8.6 address two potentially serious vulnerabilities that can be exploited for arbitrary code execution.

7 hours ago Bipartisan Bill introduced to ban sale of US tech to Huawei and ZTE

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
US lawmakers introduce bipartisan Bill that, if passed, would ban the export of US chips and other components to the two Chinese tech companies.

10 hours ago U.S. in Criminal Probe of China's Huawei: Report

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

US authorities are in the "advanced" stages of a criminal probe that could result in an indictment of Chinese technology giant Huawei, a report said Wednesday.

10 hours ago $24m in fun bux stolen from crypto-mogul. Now he fires off huge fraud charge. Like, RICO, say?

The Register View Synopsis+1
Lawsuit claims coin thief was part of a gang targeting crypto whales

The victim of a $24m cryptocurrency heist is suing his assailants in what is believed to be the first ever RICO claim involving digital currency.…

10 hours ago Singapore Imposes $740,000 Fines Over Major Cyber Attack

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Singapore's privacy watchdog Tuesday imposed fines of Sg$1 million ($740,000) on a healthcare provider and an IT agency over a cyber-attack that saw health records of about quarter of the population stolen.

10 hours ago Google Chrome extension that steals card numbers still available on Web Store

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Fake "Flash Player" extension has been available since February 2018, was installed by roughly 400 users.