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Port Information

Protocol Service Name
tcp cbt cbt
tcp FWTK-authsvr FWTK-Gauntlet authentication server
tcp GodMessage [trojan] God Message
tcp oracle-portal Oracle 9i Portal - Apache HTTP (default)
tcp TheThing(modified) [trojan] The Thing (modified)
tcp Tini [trojan] Tini
udp cbt cbt
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User Comment

Submitted By Date
2012-05-07 12:36:08
Default port for ORION: Dino Beatdown servers
Tim S 2012-03-25 11:16:16
Port 7777 is also the default port for Terraria game servers
Alexander Dupuy 2010-03-10 01:20:31
US-CERT VU#154421 - Arucer.dll backdoor on 7777/tcp
2008-12-11 01:19:23
7777/udp (multi/broadcast) used by symantec ghostcast
2008-07-27 04:13:06
UDP 7777 multicast/broadcast by EFI EIS server
2006-06-16 17:54:58
TCP 7777 is commonly used by VCM icr application
2003-04-21 22:08:07
7777 / udp is commonly used by Unreal and UnrealTournament servers.
2002-11-29 17:58:04
This port is used by the new RavenShield MP demo as a normal port. Might be some tries for buffer overflows in the near future. stay cool!!
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CVE Links

CVE # Description
CVE-2004-385 "Heap-based buffer overflow in Oracle 9i Application Server Web Cache