Threat Level: green Handler on Duty: Pedro Bueno

SANS ISC Port Details:

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Port Information

Protocol Service Name
tcp https HTTP protocol over TLS SSL
udp https HTTP protocol over TLS/SSL
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User Comment

Submitted By Date
Sunny Dhbahai 2013-03-05 13:43:50
Redis Server Port which client can run queries. Default Port Exposed to Internet Could Face Brute Force Attacks. Nmap Brute Force Script For Radis:
Alexander Dupuy 2010-11-23 14:17:15
UDP/443 is typically Skype traffic. From (p.10 section 2.1.2 Operations): "It also uses UDP 443 to test network connectivity." These network probes typically have 18 byte payloads from the client (dst port UDP/443) and 26 byte payloads from the server (src port UDP/443)
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CVE Links

CVE # Description
CVE-2003-719 "Buffer overflow in the Private Communications Transport (PCT) protocol implementation in the Microsoft SSL library
CVE-2004-120 "The Microsoft Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) library