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2 days ago Facebook users targeted by iBanking Android trojan app

NetworkWorld Security View Synopsis+1
Cybercriminals have started using a sophisticated Android Trojan app designed for e-banking fraud to target Facebook users, possibly in an attempt to bypass the two-factor authentication protection on the social network.

2 days ago How a cyber cop patrols the underworld of e-commerce

NetworkWorld Security View Synopsis+1
Melissa Andrews, a resident of Canada, is a cyber security "cop" for Payza, an international e-commerce payment platform operating in 97 countries. Her job, described by the company's public relations firm as "the worst security job on the Internet," is to protect the public from illegal, and many times revolting, content, by shutting the sites down and alerting authorities about criminal activity. She spoke with CSO this week about her job and why she is proud of what she does.

2 days ago Tails

Schneier blog View Synopsis+1

Nice article on the Tails stateless operating system. I use it. Initially I would boot my regular computer with Tails on a USB stick, but I went out and bought a remaindered computer from Best Buy for $250 and now use that.

2 days ago Putin tells Snowden: Russia conducts no US-style mass surveillance

The Register View Synopsis+1
Gov't is too broke for that, Russian prez says

Vladimir Putin has said that Russia has no mass telephone and internet surveillance programs to compare with those in the United States.

Top News

2 days ago Michaels confirms breach of as many as 2.6M cards

Yahoo Security View Synopsis+1
Michaels Stores Inc. says Thursday that about 2.6 million cards used at its namesake stores may have been affected in a security breach but it has received "limited" reports of fraud. The nation's ...

1 day ago Data Cleansing in Excel

IT Toolbox Blogs View Synopsis+1
I spent the whole week cleaning up somebody else?s mess.

4 days ago Is RAID Fading Into The Sunset?

Network Computing Security View Synopsis+1
With the arrival of faster networks and SSDs, RAID can no longer keep up. Data protection alternatives such as replication and erasure codes are gaining traction.

4 days ago The 2014 Global Threat Intelligence Report

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1

The goal of the NTT Group Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) is to raise awareness for executives and security professionals of how to avoid high-profile information security and data breaches, while understanding the needs for a strategic security program with proven controls that will help organizations balance cost and risk.

Using real-world case studies and findings from over 3 billion analyzed attacks, the 2014 NTT Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) demonstrates strategies to minimize threat impact and compress the threat mitigation timeline. Among key findings of the study:

  • The cost for a "minor" SQL injection attack can exceed $196,000;
  • Anti-virus applications fail to detect 54 percent of new malware;
  • Healthcare has seen a 13 percent increase in botnet activity.

In this session, the report's key architects walk through case studies that bring the findings to life, and they focus on strategies for refining the five critical areas of security: threat avoidance, threat response, threat detection, investigate capabilities and response capabilities.

4 days ago Fingerprint lock in Samsung Galaxy 5 easily defeated by whitehat hackers

ArsTechnica View Synopsis+1
Multiple weaknesses put devices and PayPal accounts within reach of attackers.

4 days ago Researchers find Android security issue in app permissions protocol

SC Magazine View Synopsis+1
The permissions issue could allow a malicious app to alter legitimate home screen icons.

4 days ago Former Homeland Security chief: C-Suite needs to get a grip on cyber risks

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The former Homeland Security chief outlined two conditions we're going to be dealing with as companies, countries, and individuals: the global scourge of terrorism and the digital "forevermore."

Latest News

5 hours ago 4 Simple Hacks to Make Yourself More Productive

IT Toolbox Blogs View Synopsis+1
Productivity is something we all try to improve, but very few of us manage to do it effectively. It comes down to motivation, good time and task management and mental focus.

7 hours ago 'Touched by an Angel' producer back in series TV

Yahoo Security View Synopsis+1

LOS ANGELES (AP) - In the decade that "Touched by an Angel" executive producer Martha Williamson has been away from series TV, much has changed. A new golden age has brought more daring shows, from "Mad Men" to "House of Cards" to "Breaking Bad," and more ways to see them.

8 hours ago 33 great tips & tricks for Apple iOS 7

IT Toolbox Blogs View Synopsis+1
I love this kind of stuff. Some good tips here? 33 great tips & tricks for Apple iOS 7

12 hours ago Major security flaws threaten satellite communications

NetworkWorld Security View Synopsis+1
An analysis of satellite communication gear from more than a half-dozen major manufacturers has uncovered critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited to disrupt military operations and ship and aircraft communications.