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2003-12-31Tony CarothersNew Fraudulent email from MS; e-voting software co. compromised (0 Comments)
2003-12-30Handlers Spammers attempt to defeat Bayesian filters; Malaysia terrorism warning; MSN Messenger worm (0 Comments)
2003-12-28Johannes Ullrichquiet holiday weekend (0 Comments)
2003-12-26Lorna HutchesonPerl/Exploit SQLinject; Increased Activity on Port 1039 (0 Comments)
2003-12-25Deborah HaleMerry Christmas (0 Comments)
2003-12-24Patrick Nolan12/23/03 CitiBank/Visa Account Phishing, ISS IE URL Spoofing filter, Dameware scanning, Apple patch links (0 Comments)
2003-12-23Kevin HongIE URL Bug; Phishing Attacks; Port 6129 Remains High; Proper Incident Response (0 Comments)
2003-12-22Scott FendleyNew MassMailing Virus - Sober.C; Limit Exposure During Breaks; Upcoming Repeat Virus Outbreaks (0 Comments)
2003-12-21Davis SickmonHomeland Security Level Raised to Orange, increase in DameWare (port 6129) scans and exploit, Microsoft Retires Products (Including Windows 98), And Earthlink Users Being Targeted by Scam Using IE bug (0 Comments)
2003-12-20Handlers A possible first example of user interface exploits in Internet Explorer; Holiday gift-giving (0 Comments)
2003-12-19Pedro BuenoNon-Microsoft Patch available for IE bug (0 Comments)
2003-12-18Mike PoorBounced emails with viral attachments (0 Comments)
2003-12-17Johannes Ullrichh00d IRC bot, localhost port 80 traffic (0 Comments)
2003-12-16Tom ListonRecent spike in port 53 activity (0 Comments)
2003-12-15donald smithThe Beast (0 Comments)
2003-12-14Marcus SachsIncrease in udp/24585 Activity (0 Comments)
2003-12-12Johannes UllrichPort 10 traffic; 139 &1433 report; DCE RPC Vectors (0 Comments)
2003-12-11Handlers Port 20168, Windows Update Virus. (0 Comments)
2003-12-09Handlers No Microsoft patches for December (0 Comments)
2003-12-07Handlers Port 80 traffic: Sources Increase (0 Comments)
2003-12-04Handlers Scanning Component (0 Comments)
2003-12-02Handlers Port 1026-1031 update (0 Comments)